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The Style Series: How to Dress When Interviewing for Your Dream Job

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Dressing For Your Dream Job

If you’ve just landed an interview for your dream job, the next step is to actually get the job. The interview is all about the first impression, and you only have a few seconds to make a good one. Your choice of dress on the day of your interview will put you on the path to making a great first impression. Without further ado, take a look at this interview style guide to help you land your dream job.

  1. Formality and Conservativeness Are Key

    You want to set yourself up for success from the moment you meet your potential boss. This means erring on the side of formality and conservativeness.

    To establish yourself as a professional, a suit is a non-negotiable. A single-breasted solid navy blue suit is typically the go-to first interview option, while a solid dark gray is a good option for your second interview. A two button cut falls into the more classic option, but three buttons is also acceptable.

    Avoid: black suits, tan suits, pinstripes, double-breasted suits and blazers/sports jackets.

    For dress shirts, opt for a straight-point shirt (not a button down) in solid white and 100% cotton (do not wear blends). Iron and tuck it in.

    Avoid: striped and patterned shirts, tab collars and French cuffs.

    Ensure that your suit is crisp and that everything is properly ironed. Complete the look with a pair of black Oxford shoes (no penny loafers or shoes with straps - laces only).

  2. Include (the Appropriate) Accessories

    The most important accessory is your choice of tie. Opt for a dark-coloured tie in a solid colour or choose one with one of the following two patterns: small dots or classic stripes. Whether you prefer to wear belts or suspenders, choose one or the other (but not both). Lastly, you can also wear a watch during your interview, but leave the sporty-style watch or the Rolex at home.

    Avoid: Bright-coloured ties, bow ties, pocket squares, jewellery.

  3. Don’t Overlook the Details

    Don’t overlook the details, because even the smallest ones, such as your choice of sock, can make or break your look. Choose solid black dress socks that go past your ankles.

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