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The Style Series: How To Dress To A Gay Wedding

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Choosing An Outfit For A Gay Wedding

When it comes to choosing attire for a wedding, the only definite tradition is the prohibition against dressing in white. However, you should also avoid a shouting piece of jewelry that is distracting. The idea is to keep the limelight on the couple.

But finding the right attire for any special event is always a challenge. Your wardrobe might have a mix of formal and casual items – some are too short or too baggy, and others feel so 24out of trend that they should have been discarded years ago. As a guest attending one of the happy couple’s most important events, it is only natural that you want to look your best.

Here are some ideas to dress for a gay wedding:

  1. City Venue

    If the wedding is in a large and vibrant city, where people dress fashionable, the guests will be expected to follow the trend. Men can choose a classic black designer suit paired with a printed shirt, cuff links or bright patterned socks. Girls can take the opportunity to don a classic black cocktail piece coupled with high heels and statement jewelry or an embellished clutch. This will light up the dance floor.

  2. Western-style Wedding

    A western-style wedding is usually low-key and intimate, so you will want to leave your flannel shirts at home. Find out whether the ceremony will be held in a garden to avoid overdressing or under-dressing. A safe bet for gentlemen would be a neat day suit in navy or Grey, or a slim cut pair of khakis matched with a sharp shirt and sport jacket. You can also add a little gingham on your pocket square or tie for modest western flair.

    Don’t wear cowboy boots. Instead, choose a nice pair of dress shoes to complement your outfit. Ladies can appear lovely in a floaty sundress, wedges, and perhaps a shrug to keep you warm in the evening.

  3. Energetic Couple

    For a lit couple, you can choose loud attire to complement the energetic mood. However, you will want to avoid fashion trends or conventional clothing that takes attention from the couple. You may even wear a pair of vegan leather pants, paired with a dressier t-shirt and velvet blazer for men, or a dressy, drapey top for ladies to create varied texture.

Final note

Most gay weddings typically have a romantic feel, which gives the attendees some freedom to choose their attire. In this case, men can opt for an impeccably tailored suit or a bold, checkered jacket for a little flair, while ladies can don a sparkly or slinky dress with high platforms.

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