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About Us


We have all experienced the discomfort of having our cell phone and wallet in our pockets, especially when sitting down, driving or going about with our daily routines. What the LD WEST® team set out to do was to create a stylish but functional and secure solution to a problem that we all face daily - bulging pockets from large phones and wallets. LD WEST® was born out of necessity. LD WEST® has created a holster, but with a sleek and modern take on the iconic accessory - one side carries your cell phone, while the other side provides a case with a unique LD WEST® wallet. We are the original, one and only LD WEST® phone case and wallet holster.


The Original LD WEST® Holster can accommodate any size cell phone and/or smart phone on the market as we offer three distinct cell phone and/or smart phone case sizes to choose from. These include the most popular and current hand held device brands such as:

- iPhone
- Samsung
- Nexus
- BlackBerry
- Motorola
- and much more.