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Pro tips for taking care of your holster and holster accessories

  • Use leather cream/moisturizer and cleaner to prevent cracking and to maintain longevity if wearing the holster daily or before storage
  • Avoid leaving the holsters and holster accessories in direct sunlight for long periods of time or in a hot car for example - store in a cool and dry location away from direct sun (UV) light
  • Do not wash in the washing machine - spot clean only with mild soap and water, wipe dry immediately
  • Do not iron the holster 
  • Do not exposure holster to salt water
  • Apply one drop of oil on a Q-tip and line the inside of the snap buttons bi-weekly, especially if removing the pouches frequently
  • Avoid excessively stretching the suspenders straps
  • Do not use excessive force when removing snap buttons; if snaps are not releasing, use a couple drops of lubricating oil and work the snap back and forth to gently release snaps and wipe out excess lubrication oil
  • Always insert the wallet into the wallet pouch with the logo facing out and ensure the rounded part of the wallet is placed in the cut out section of the pouch
  • Do not submerge or soak your holster in liquids and/or water