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6 Accessories That Will Become Your Summer Necessities

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Summer Accessory Essentials

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about the summer necessities - the things you won’t be able to live without. First up? Accessories!

  1. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are the summer essential of all summer essentials, not only for the purpose of protecting your eyes from those nasty UV rays, but also as a great way to top off any outfit. Orange/yellow-tinted sunglasses a la the 70s are going to be one of the newest sunglasses trends, applicable to both men and women alike.

  2. A Summer Jacket

    You are going to need a lightweight jacket for all of those summer nights spent on the patio. An alternative for those who are partial to denim? The denim jacket, of course. Pro Tip: Choose a summer jacket that can see you through a variety of events, from work to more casual weekend gatherings.

  3. Boat Shoes

    Sandals and flip flops may come to mind when you think of traditional summer footware, and sure, they have their place. But boat shoes are where it’s at. Both men and women can rock the boat shoe and they have both comfort and versatility going for them, appropriate for the beach and the office. Plus, you are going to see flip flops on every summer essential list out there.

  4. LD West’s Original Holster Hybrid

    Our holster hybrid, a mix between a cell phone holder and a wallet, may become your next summer obsession. Not only can it be worn in any number of ways, making it the perfect summer accessory, but summer means all the more reason to throw a get-together, and the last thing you want is to lose your phone. Our holster will be your lifesaver more than once, protecting your important things so you don’t have to.

  5. A Beach Bag

    What would a summer be without a beach bag? A beach bag is not only an absolute summer essential for practical purposes on beach-going days, but also a great way to complement your outfit.

  6. A Weekend Backpack

    Our calendars tend to be a bit more full during the summer months. Do you have your go-to weekend backpack ready? If not, you are going to need one.

LD West, as featured in Forbes, Daily Mail and more, is the brand behind the most original holster yet, a mix between a cell phone holder and a wallet. LD West also offers a range of other apparel and accessories, too. Click here to view our entire selection or contact us for more information.

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