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Menswear Tips For Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Posted by Helder Gomes on

Menswear Tips For Your Next Motorcycle Trip

A motorcycle trip isn’t complete unless you look the part, right? Of course, while safety and comfort should be the top priority, you also want to look good while you’re riding. Here are some great menswear tips for your next motorcycle trip.

  1. Safety First: Wearing the Right Gear + Preparing for the Weather

    Of course, you have to have the basics covered first. That means wearing a full-face helmet (this will protect you from the elements and provide comfort during warmer weather if it’s ventilated), a solid jacket (not a fashion leather jacket; these are not made to be protective), and a good pair of boots. Next, ensure that you have checked out the weather forecast and that you have packed extra items of clothing to adapt to all weather conditions on your trip.

  2. Choose Thin Layers of Clothing

    It’s a better idea to pack a few thin layers of clothing rather than a couple of thick pieces. This will allow you take layers off in the event that the weather gets too hot and make yourself much more comfortable. These lighter items will also be easier to stow away.

  3. Rock the LD West Original Holster

    Of course, you want to look great on your motorcycle trip, but you also want to have the important things easily accessible, like your smartphone and wallet. If you need to pull over for directions or you want to stop and take a picture of the scenery, LD West’s original holster—a mix between a cell phone holder and a wallet—has you covered. The holster can be worn in any number of wears and is a cool-looking but practical accessory. It comes in leather and in a number of different colours.

  4. Opt for A Backpack

    A backpack is a great way to transport lighter items on your motorcycle trip. If you’ve got the right backpack, it can also act as an accessory to your overall look. Keep in mind that your backpack should only be used for lighter items, but since a road trip typically requires more storage, a backpack is a great option. Ensure that all backpack straps are safely out of the way so that they don’t become a hazard while on the road.

Safe driving!

LD West is the brand behind the original holster: a mix between a cell phone holder and a wallet that is both trendy and functional. We also offer a variety of other accessories that are perfect for your next motorcycle trip. Click here to view our entire selection.

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