Cell Phone Leather Shoulder Holster (T-FIT) - Black

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Before placing your order, please see our size chart.

This is the premium, Original LD West Holster Set

* Holster straps are one size fits all with adjustable sliders.
* Wallet is included with the standard black insert
* Includes silver hardware

Includes T-Fit™. Learn more about the T-Fit™ configuration here.

*Price is in USD.

*This holster has new packaging and no longer comes in the black LD West box.
*If you are using a Mophie case or Otterbox type case, please refer to our FAQ page before placing your order!
*All of our leather holsters are made of vegan leather. Currency bills will need to be folded. See FAQ for more info.

Not sure what size fits your phone?

To figure out what size pouch you will need please enter the dimension of your phone. If you are using a phone case, please enter the dimension of the case instead.

Not sure what your phone dimension is? You can find the dimensions for your phone HERE.

Enter all measurement values in millimeter (MM)

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