The Style Series: 3 Last Minute Trendy Halloween Costumes

The Style Series: 3 Last Minute Trendy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up quickly this year. If you’ve got a Halloween party to attend and need a trendy Halloween costume that will be sure to make an impression, here are three great ideas.

  1. Go Political: Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton

    Arguably one of the most newsworthy events this past year was the 2016 presidential election in the United States. While some might shy away from political conversations at events, if you’re bold and/or politically-minded and are looking to make a statement, why not dress up like either of the two presidential candidates this past year? If you have a significant other, you can go as both.

    These costumes are sure to be a great conversation starter. The best part is that both costumes can be easy to put together with items you likely already have. For Donald Trump, all you need is a sport’s jacket, a red tie, and a trucker-style hat (and if you've got a blonde wig, even better). For Hilary, a classic pant suit will work.

  2. Wonder Woman

    The iconic Wonder Woman finally got her much awaited screen time after 70 years, making it one of the most buzzed about films of the year given all of its female power. If you have a penchant for Wonder Woman or you want to show your support for feminism, Wonder Woman is a great option. It’s a classic Halloween costume and yet is as trendy as ever.

    While there will certainly be ready-made Wonder Woman costumes you can pick up from the store, you can quickly throw together your own homemade version if you have a pair of red tights, heels, a blue skirt, a halter top, and some sort of crown. There have been so many variations of Wonder Woman’s costume over the years that it makes it easy to pull something together from your own closet.

  3. Any Character From Game of Thrones

    While you may have to do a little scrounging in order to come up with a Westeros style costume, there is no doubt that Game of Thrones is one of the biggest and most talked about shows on television at the moment, making this costume option a very trendy one.

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