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7 Ways To Accessorize A Classic White Tee

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Accessorizing Classic White Tees

A classic white tee is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, transcending both time and seasons. The white tee is highly versatile and can be accessorized in any of number of ways to reflect your personal style. Here are a number of individual options and a few different style combinations.

  1. With a Single Long Necklace
    If you prefer simplicity with your fashion choices but are in search of something a little extra to elevate your look, a long, dainty necklace is the perfect option while still keeping things on the minimal side.
  2. With a 90s-Style Choker Necklace
    90s-style choker necklaces are back on trend and are another great option for accessorizing a white T-shirt. They add a bit of edge while lengthening your neck!
  3. With Sunglasses and a Pair of Studs
    For a more casual way to accessorize a classic white tee, putting in a pair of studs and throwing shades on may not seem like much, but it can definitely be a statement with something like a classic white tee.
  4. With a Blazer
    The blazer and T-shirt combination looks effortlessly cool on both men and women alike, but provides structure. This combination is great for most office settings. Complete this more business casual look with a chunky watch.
  5. Layered Jewellery
    You can layer everything from your necklaces to bracelets to rings. Stack brackets on top of each other. If you prefer this chunky, textured look and a little bit of edge, the white T-shirt provides the perfect canvas.
  6. With a Fringed Bag + Wide-Brimmed Hat
    For a more boho look, accessorizing a white tee with a fringed bag and a wide-brimmed hat accomplishes the look that you’re going for.
  7. With Sneakers + Baseball Cap
    For another more casual, sporty look, great for weekends, accessorize your classic white tee with a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers.
  8. With the Most Original Holster
    LD West designed the most original holster yet, part cell-phone holder and part wallet. It can be worn in a number of ways, including cross-body and over your shoulders. It makes a statement on any colour of tee.
  9. Scarves
    Scarves come in every colour under the sun and in a range of patterns, perfect for adding a pop of colour to a basic white tee. Need a touch of elegance in a pinch? Grab a scarf.

LD West is the brand behind the original holster, part cell-phone holder and part wallet. We also offer a variety of other accessories. Click here to view our entire selection.

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