How To Throw The Best Bachelor Party For Your Friend

How To Throw The Best Bachelor Party For Your Friend

The bachelor party is one of the most memorable events in a man’s life. Here is how to make the night a success.

  • The Logistics: A Great Guest List
    Usually, getting a group of guys together usually means that they are bound to have fun, provided that there is no former beef. Also keep your guest list on the smaller size to avoid running into trouble with reservations, etc.The ideal guest list is around ten people.
  • Choose the Main Event With the Groom in Mind
    While bachelor parties in times past might have been a little more wild in nature, the new trend today is bonding over classic male activities that could even be extended over a weekend. Consider, however, that the main event should always be selected around the groom’s hobbies. In fact, take this a step further and get his specific input on what he’d like.

    Here are some options: a weekend in the woods or a high-adrenalin activity like whitewater rafting. Alternatively, you could go gambling and play a round of golf, followed by a nice dinner. If it’s in the budget, you could take a road trip somewhere. Ultimately, your choice of activities will influence your choice of venue.
  • The Essentials of a Great Bachelor Party
    Once you have your activities and venue selected, you will want to think about the smaller details that are essential to any great bachelor party. Ensure that you have a lot of great food and drink options available.
  • Add in Challenges
    Have fun with the bachelor if he’s the type to enjoy those classic bachelor party shenanigans. Another great idea to keep the party continually interesting is to have challenges (or dares) that the groom has to do at various intervals.
  • Take It to the Next Level
    Consider renting a limo; not only does this take the night up a notch, but it also ensures that everyone will get from point A to point B safely. Another nice touch is to have a couple of people toast to the groom throughout the evening or even share a memorable time they had with the bachelor.
  • Avoid These Mistakes
    Planning is key to any great event. Have the groom go over the guest list and ensure that you have ironed out all of the important details. Finally, a great bachelor party can only be great if your guests avoid the emergency room. Always have the safety of your guests in mind.
  • Get Him the Perfect Gift
    To top off the bachelor party, you will want to consider getting the bachelor a gift - something to remember the night. The groom will truly appreciate it. It can be something small. Some great options are a wallet, a zipper pouch or a snapback hat.

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