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The Style Series: How To Dress For The Beach

Posted by Duy Trinh on

How To Dress For A Beach Trip

A summer trip to the beach is undoubtedly on your summer itinerary this year, but although everything at the beach is carefree and simple, choosing what to wear is not always easy. Here is your guide to dressing for the beach.

  • Outfit Options:
    When it comes to outfit options for the beach, there are surprisingly a lot of options. For women, classic options are long skirts paired with your bathing suit top or jean shorts paired with your bathing suit top. Feel free to wear a crop top over your bathing suit top as well. Another classic option is to wear a wrap over your bathing suit, acting as a skirt.

    You can also opt for a light linen dress, long or short - it’s up to you! When it comes to dressing for the beach, fabrics are key. You want to opt for casual fabrics like linens to nail that carefree vibe.

    For a more of a boho look, you could even go with linen palazzo trousers, pants that flare out at the bottom for that perfect carefree summer vibe. Another option is to just rock the classic cover-up (lace cover-ups are particularly beautiful!) right over your bathing suit of choice.

    As for beach-appropriate menswear, you can opt for khaki shorts or cropped pants on the bottom, paired with a light, linen collared t-shirt or even a muscle-style shirt if you’re partial to that particular look.
  • Kimonos
    There will be times during the day where you may want a little more protection on top, including on your way to the actual beach and perhaps when you’re walking up and down it. A kimono is a perfect option.
  • Footwear Options
    Aside from a classic pair of flip flops, other beach appropriate footwear include barefoot sandals, wedges or a classic pair of strappy sandals.
  • A Bag
    A day at the beach requires a lot of essentials, from sunscreen to water to snacks. Naturally, a bag is key. Replace your purse with a classic beach bag, a boho shoulder bag, or a backpack.
  • Accessories Are Key
    Use accessories like a great pair of sunglasses and a hat (a classic sun hat or a ball cap, for example) to complete your outfit and protect you from the sun. You should also think about where you will keep our mobile phone, because you will undoubtedly want to take that perfect Insta-worthy beach snap.
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