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5 Restaurants You Need To Visit In Toronto

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Great Toronto Restaurants

Staying true to the title, here are five restaurants you need to visit in Toronto.

  1. Alo - 163 Spadina Ave.

    Not only did Alo make the number one spot on TripAdvisor’s list of restaurants in Toronto, but it also took the number one spot in the most recent edition of Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants, too. Serving the most spectacular European/French food with vegetarian and gluten-free options, the restaurant has people raving not only about the impeccable food but also the professional, top-notch service that makes dining here an experience you won’t forget.

    The only downside is that since so many people also want to dine here, a reservation may be more than a little difficult to secure. Of course, you can take a seat at their bar in the meantime.

  2. Richmond Station - 1 Richmond St. West

    An interesting tidbit about this restaurant is that it’s co-owned by the winner of Canada’s Top Chef. However, it also comes highly recommended across the board, placing third on TripAdvisor’s list of restaurants. You can order virtually any kind of cuisine you care for, with some proclaiming that this place offers the best burger in Toronto. You will be hard-pressed to read a negative review about Richmond Station.

  3. Canoe Restaurant & Bar - 66 Wellington St. W

    With a focus on Canadian fare (but also offering international, vegetarian and vegan options), this restaurant has it all. It also happens to be one of Toronto’s most iconic restaurants, which definitely makes it worthy of a visit. Like others on this list, this place is ranked among the best.

  4. Edulis - 169 Niagara St.

    Edulis came in 5th place on Canada’s 100 Best list, the second best restaurant in Toronto, which means that it’s worth a try. Offering Canadian fare, this quaint restaurant has excellent-tasting food that is beautifully presented, with excellent wine to top it all off.

  5. The Hogtown Vegan - 1056 Bloor St. West

    Don’t think that vegans can’t enjoy all of those classic comfort foods you know and love. The Hogtown Vegan has them all - from mac and cheese to cheeseburgers to fish and chips and nachos. What more do you need? The Hogtown Vegan has also earned a nod from TripAdvisor, receiving its Certificate of Excellence.

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