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5 Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Use After The Wedding Is Over

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Unique And Practical Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Weddings can be expensive, so it may not seem like a good idea to add more items to your list. But after a wedding, it is expected that the groom will thank his best man and groomsmen for supporting him on his special day with some personalised gifts.

Although tradition is reason enough to buy groomsmen gifts, you may also be incentivised by the fact that these men, who stood with you during your wedding, are the closest people to you – and the ones most likely to help you out in any future situations. A thoughtful groomsmen gift is a great opportunity to show them your appreciation for their selflessness.

Here are some practical gifts to consider:

  1. Tie clip and cufflinks set
    A matching set of cufflinks and a tie clip is a great gift for men that can be used on a regular basis. You can also gift your groomsmen just one of those pieces, either a tie clip or a cufflinks set – but the full set is perfect and easily attainable at a discount. You can also include a tie if you intend for them to use the accessories for your wedding.
  2. Stamped wallets
    Handmade and personalised wallets are another great groomsmen gift. You can customise a standard bi-fold wallet with their name, monogram or the wedding date. Get a quality wallet that will retain the feel and smell of genuine leather even after years of repeated use.
  3. Leather wrapped flasks
    After a day of celebrations, your groomsmen might still be unfulfilled if they can’t go home sipping on their favourite drink from their new drinking accessory. If some of the men are nervous about standing in front of a crowd, it may be best if you don’t give them their gifts until the wedding is over. Otherwise, a flask is a classic groomsmen gift – and the leather wrapping simply gives it an edge.
  4. Personalised travel bag
    This is a perfect gift for adventurous men, and would be particularly useful if given just before your bachelor party. It will help your guys pack their clothes and essential toiletries in style, and keep them organised until the wedding is over. There are many men’s canvas and leather duffle bags to choose from, though you may want one with a messenger bag, a luggage tag, a toiletry bag, or a tie case.
  5. Cologne
    Many men desire a second fragrance – since most have at least one cologne – but they don’t necessarily want to go out shopping for one on their own. You will need to do a little olfactory research, with help from your partner or female friends, to pick a different scent for each of the groomsmen.
Your groomsmen gift will depend on your budget. But as a rule of thumb, it should at least be worth more than the wedding favours to make your groomsmen feel special.

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