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3 Accessories You Can Borrow From Your Boyfriend To Complete Your Outfit

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Accessories You Can Borrow From Men

Borrowing from your boyfriend is not as simple as tossing on one of his blazers and walking out the door. It can be easier for most unisex accessories, but you also need to consider contrast and proportions in your matching.

Here are some of your boyfriend’s accessories that you will make you look awesome:

  1. His watch

    Women’s watches are generally very small and flashy. If you don’t mind wearing an accessory that is much bigger than a bracelet, and a little heavy, you can borrow your boyfriend’s watch on multiple occasions. While you can’t match the watch with a designer evening gown, it can be a great accessory in casual and business environments as a symbol of power and boldness.

    However, you should only wear a refined and elegant men's timepiece, as opposed to a bulky sports watch. A good wristwatch can complement casual and business outfits, and is great when combined with feminine accessories such as stacked bracelets or rings.

  2. His hat

    Men don’t wear their hats as often as they used to, except for a few who match their modern hats with urban-smart attire. Still, women look fabulous in men’s hats – and can even purchase their own designer headpieces.

    An elegant fedora or panama hat can be matched with any feminine outfit, including jeans and heels, stylish summer attire, a night-out outfit with a mixture of feminine and masculine accessories, and even business attire that creates harmony between the two styles.

    There are a few rules for wearing a man’s hat that you should be familiar with to achieve that dazzling look.

  3. His tie and cufflinks

    Every man looks stylish and sophisticated in matching ties and cufflinks. They are a unique accessory that has been around since the dawn of fashion, and they add elegance to an impeccable outfit.

    Women can also don ties and cufflinks, usually in the form of slim and narrow bowties, oversized ties, and tie-like scarves. These can spice up your formal outfit and add a masculine edge to your feminine charm. Choose cufflink styles with small rhinestones or pearls to enhance your feminine image, though you can match the tie and cufflinks to any proper outfit depending on the setting – high-end party, business meeting, or urban chic office wear.

Final note

Your boyfriend’s regular clothes, including shirts, sweaters, and blazers, will probably be over-sized, but this is not necessarily a bad thing provided you can match these pieces well with shorts, skinny jeans, or a skirt.

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