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Travelling Abroad? Don’t Forget These 6 Accessories

Posted by Duy Trinh on

Travelling Abroad? Don’t Forget These 6 Accessories

Here is your go-to list for must-have accessories when travelling abroad. 

  1. A Backpack
    When you’re travelling abroad, a backpack is one of the most functional and yet stylish accessories you could bring with you. Not only do they make great carry-ons, but they are also very practical when travelling around on a day-to-day basis. You tend to have to carry a lot of things with you at any given time and a backpack makes lugging all of those items comfortable, allowing you to keep your hands free. Additionally, it is always important to think about safety when you’re visiting a new country, and you can easily wear your backpack on the front so that you can keep a watchful eye over all of your valuables. 
  2. Noise Cancelling Headphones
    If you’re not a fan of flying (or crying babies!), noise cancelling headphones completely block out any sounds on the airplane.
  3. A Mini On-The-Go Essentials Kit
    Another must-have travel accessory is a mini travel kit. There will be times when you will want access to certain things, but because you’re out and about, it won’t be easy to find them. Make a DIY version, complete with hand wipes, bandaids and a hair tie.
  4. Tech Gear: Universal Adaptors and a Portable Battery Charger
    There are a couple of necessary tech gadgets when travelling abroad, and here they are: adaptors and a portable battery charger for when your smartphone is nearly out of power and yet you need to figure out how to get back to your hotel.
  5. A Poncho
    There is nothing worse than being caught in the rain and having nowhere to purchase rain gear. Sure, you could bring an umbrella, but a poncho is super lightweight, taking up hardly any space in your suitcase. Who says you can’t look great in a poncho?
  6. A Travel Journal
    You may not think of a travel journal as an accessory, but you will thank us later when you have all of those memories to look back on. You will be surprised by how much you forget - especially in the context of a trip abroad when everything is so different. A travel journal will hold onto all of those memories for years to come.
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