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Office Style: Look Good And Stay Organized

Posted by Helder Gomes on

Office Style: Look Good And Stay Organized

Your office style doesn’t have to be boring. It also doesn’t mean that you have to trade style for practicality. Here is how to nail that organized, office style.

  1. Swap Your Bag for a Backpack

    If there is one piece of clothing or one accessory that can keep you highly organized, it is your choice of bag. But, remember, not all bags are created equal. Backpacks are particularly trendy at the moment, not to mention highly functional. The right backpack can even act as the perfect accessory and complete your look all at once.

    The problem with many bags is that they tend to be too small or uncomfortable to wear. They don’t allow you to carry everything you need in order to stay organized on a day-to-day basis. Want to bring your agenda? Well, there’s likely not enough room for that. Trade in your purse or bag this season for a backpack instead. You’ll be able to stay organized by having everything you need easily accessible and yet remain comfortable and trendy all at the same time.

  2. Wear The LD West Original Holster

    We rely on our smartphones to accomplish many tasks and, naturally, we need them to be in close reach, whether we’re accomplishing work at the library or we’re at the office sending emails. LD West is the brand behind the original holster, which is a mix between a cell phone holder and wallet. It can be worn many different ways, including cross-body. This is a great way to keep your smartphone easily accessible (and ensure you never leave it behind anywhere) while also looking very trendy. Even better, you’ll be comfortable too.

  3. Wear A Watch

    Sure, you have your smartphone to tell you the time, but there will inevitably be times when your smartphone runs out of battery power and you are left wondering what time it is. A watch is the perfect accessory to wear at the office; never be late to that important meeting or class ever again!

    LD West is the brand behind the original holster: a mix between a cell phone holder and a wallet that is both trendy and functional. We also offer a variety of other accessories, like vegan backpacks, which are all perfect for looking good and staying organized this year. Click here to view our entire selection.

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