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Bahia Sunrise

Posted by LD WEST on

Bahia Sunrise

Some of you may be wondering where the inspiration for the Bahia Sunrise came from, let us tell you how we got inspired.

Here at LD West we love the summer months, because of this we wanted to create the perfect summer version of the holster. We wanted to have something new and fun. One of the staff members here at LD West favorite thing about the summer months are all the music festivals, so we wanted the new theme of the holster to reflect that concept.

Looking at a lot of the costume and outfits of attendees at all these summer festivals we found that flowers were a huge trend! Floral crowns, floral shirts, and bandanas with flowers or flower shaped sunglasses and even tattoos are what triggered us to wanting to use a floral pattern on our holsters!

We were concerned about our holster being unisex as we want both men and woman to enjoy the holster design and some of the team members were not so sure if men would wear an accessory with flowers on it. We did some research and sent a poll to randomly selected customers. The results were hugely in favor that men would like this type of product for summer vacations, festivals & traveling or every day summer use!

When brainstorming for new designs, patterns and textiles, the team knew it needed to be unique. We started to list all the words that came to mind when we thought of “floral” - the list included such things as palm trees, beaches, exotic flowers & oceans. The list then evolved into various fashion accessories like fedoras, plastic flip-flops & linen pants. When linen pants were mentioned, we made the connection between canvas and linen and from that, the birth of the Bahia Sunrise was born with the idea of a floral print on a canvas holster.

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