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Back To School In Style: Ten Trending Accessories

Posted by Helder Gomes on

Accessories For School

It seems like just yesterday you were soaking up the sun enjoying your freedom from teachers, reading lists and algebra. Those days of leisure are over because it’s back to school time already. Get your education in style with these 10 trending accessories that’ll show everyone how fashion-forward you are.

  1. Bright floral backpack: Florals are in and they are bright. A bright floral backpack is the perfect accessory to get you back into the groove of school. Throw out your old plain-coloured bag and get something that looks like it came straight out of the botanical gardens.
  2. Chokers: Chokers were big in the 90s, and now they’re back with a vengeance. Try a classic black velvet choker if you’re not that adventurous. For those who like to make a statement, see #10 and opt for a fur choker.
  3. Chunky necklaces with charms: Talismanic necklaces are in this season, and there’s no better place to wear one than at school. Charms, shells, letters - if it’s big, put it around your neck.
  4. Kimonos: Who needs a jacket when you’ve got a kimono as a cover-up? Kimonos, especially those in bright floral prints (see #1), are an accessory you can’t do without this school season.
  5. Bold sunglasses: Go big with your sunglasses or go home. Bold sunglasses are a must-have accessory for back-to-school.
  6. Itsy bitsy bags: Boring cell cases won't cut it anymore. Get yourself a tiny bag that has just enough room for your phone. Wristlets, holsters and tiny purses are the new cell phone cases.
  7. Watches: Sure, you can tell the time on your phone, but why not dress up your wrist with a funky watch? Watches are back in style, and we’re not talking about the techy kind. Opt for something that shows off your personality instead of something that looks like an Apple watch. Instead, try a vintage watch with a little character.
  8. Hats: Hats never really go out of style, but we’re not talking about a ratty old baseball cap that you’ve had forever. All the big designers (Gucci, Saint Laurent, etc.) are featuring newsboy caps and sou’westers in their collections, so you might as well jump on this trend.
  9. Large dangly earrings: Statement earrings are ready to grace your ears this school year. Adorn your ears with dangly gems that reach beyond your collarbone.
  10. A touch of fur: You don’t need to invest in a fur coat, but fur straps, bracelets and belts are all the rage. Keep yourself warm and fuzzy by adding a touch of fur to your outfit.

No matter which accessories you wear, remember to obey your school’s dress code. The last thing you need is detention for looking too good.

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