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Posted by Julian Tamin on


If the term mastermind doesn't ring a bell, it's ok. We'll let you in on the "secret". Masterminding has been used so freely in media and corporate/social circles that it's now almost become common knowledge.  The term was first coined by the influential and successful author Napoleon Hill in the mid 1900's.  Mr. Hill was most famous for his book "Think and Grow Rich".  If you're a motivated, determined and passionate individual looking to succeed in life but can't always seem to fight through the hurdles that life will throw at you, his book can give you the keys to success and show you a multitude of techniques to deflect some of life's most difficult curve balls. His book trains you to stay focused and teaches you how to keep your head up when experiencing hardships.  If you haven't read it or perhaps read it years ago, I would advise you to pick it up and practice the techniques mentioned in the book. It cannot do you any harm!  Just recently Rick Ross released a new studio album called "Mastermind".  In it there are even audio snippets derived from this very book... it's worth its weight in gold!  If you prefer, you can easily find the audio book online, free to download.  

LD WEST was formed with this mastermind mentality and a common shared goal.  Through consistent work, determination and dedication - driven by a strong and burning passion to innovate, we created a new way to carry your cell phone and wallet.  Inspired from the age-old iconic holster, we created a unique accessory product.  The old saying "there ain't nothing new under the sun" is only partially true.  These days, it is seldom that anything is entirely brand new, but yet rather everything is reinvented, tailored and re designed to further facilitate the quality of one's life.  Take cars for example - the concept of four wheels and a steering wheel is nothing new, but what manufacturers continually do is reinvent, re design and improve the basic concept to better the user's driving experience.  

If you were to draw the road to success out on a graph, it would never be a straight line. It may be consistently moving up, but it would also have twist and turns, ups and downs with the odd back flip and loop.  Create a mastermind group of your own and that group will help you maintain your focus, pick you up when your down, feed you encouragement, share the load and inspire success together.  

We live in a new age where it's no longer about me, me, me.  Our generation has a new mindset.  We do deals that help each other out, to better everyone's life. I like to think of it as a new age of "Hippie-ism" by redefining what capitalism once was. Our generation is generally aware that each action has its repercussions - whether negative or positive. If we eliminate competitive competition and strive to succeed in life by focusing on bettering the world fuelled by love (which creates a burning passion), we as a society, a new generation, are on a much brighter path for humanity as a whole.  When we eliminate motivations fuelled by competitive competition, we strive to do our best.  I'm not saying competition is bad, but if you strive to truly do your best, and always your best, you will become untouchable and you will become the best at what you do.  As human beings, we are limitless and, as limitless beings, once we grasp that we are all unique but all equal as living, breathing creatures, living on the same planet, breathing the same air, sharing the same space, no longer will we be trying to beat one another out.

On that note, if you have a goal and you want to succeed in life, start taking action and start creating now!  You only have today to do something, you can't change the past, and you can only predict the future. Any time you waste is time you can never get back. In the end, time is the most valuable commodity in this life and on this Earth. Don't waste it.  Dream big, don't listen to the naysayers and don't ever let anyone tell you can't do it!

Live well.
Give back.

Welcome to the family.
Welcome to the future, 
Welcome to LD WEST.

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