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Posted by Julian Tamin on


We’d like to introduce you to another similarly minded, ambitious individual, who just so happened to recently take the plunge and follow his dreams.  His name is Viktor Radics.

For over six years, Viktor has been an active member in the motorcycling industry in Toronto, having first landed a job at Vespa then moving to BMW Motorrad, selling some of today’s most sophisticated motorcycles around. Yet, like all people with an entrepreneurial spirit, he combined his talent for motorcycles with another passion he has maintained since his early teens - photography. He recently left BMW to pursue his photography career and to create a name for himself.  


It was through the inspiration of lifestyle adventure photography that Viktor created a local motorcycle club in Toronto called The Moto Social Toronto.  To be fair, this “club” is actually more of a community. Attendance is free and is open to anyone and everyone - even if you don't own a bike or aspire to own one. It’s for people for all walks of life to come out, socialize and talk about everything and anything to do with bikes (or not).  Meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month and locations are hosted throughout Toronto. (One can find the links and the Instagram account info at the end of the post to obtain more info about the community and when/where meetings take place.)


These days you can find Viktor concentrating on his photography career, but his love for motorcycles certainly hasn’t diminished.  He is currently working part-time at Corsa Meccanica in Vaughn - alongside a very welcoming, funny and friendly (but also incredibly knowledgeable) staff.  If you’re into the finest Italian bikes, book a visit to Corsa Meccanica today and ask for Viktor. Corsa Meccanica is by far one of the most unique motorcycle lifestyle shops around and they carry merchandise you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. For the LDWEST team, we have yet to come across a bike shop that feels like a second home.  The Corsa Meccanica experience is special - hell, they even serve a mean espresso with one of the most legit and fancy espresso machines around! Just like Viktor, the shop and the staff are in a league of their own.


Like Viktor and his story, don’t give up on your dreams. Keep pushing and don’t listen to the naysayers!  Just jump in and get started.  You can only be great by taking action today and doing what you love.   Be different, be unique and do what you want to do.  Avoid the comfort zone - after all, the comfort zone might seem “safe”, but it’s a dangerous place to be…


You can contact Viktor, view his portfolio and find out all about him at:


IG: @vikpiccreative


Or visit him at Corsa Meccanica:
IG: @CorsaMeccanica

http: www.corsameccanica.com


Viktor’s Motorcycle Community can be found on Instagram via hashtags at:


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